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  • GAME 1: Find all the marbles that have the word that represents its color. Try not to confuse it with the color of the word and the color that the word represents. The colors of the words are in English so that children can enjoy the game to practice the language.
Racha Cuca

  • GAME 2: Set the corresponding color Toupeirinha English dictated by Bear.
As aventuras de Sementinha

  • GAME 3: Simply put objects in boxes with their colors.

  • GAME 4: Click the link to play and practice the names of colors and English. You'll hear the audio saying a color and you have to click on the correct color.
Kids go flash

  • GAME 5: This is an educational activity of English that aims to assist in this important practice and learning a foreign language, ideal for children, youth and adults. Practice the exercises below with the names of colors in English. Number the second column in accordance with the first identifying the correct translation. If an error is made ​​a window opens telling you to be made ​​the hit.

  • GAME 6: In this exercise you will need to select the correct colors of the squares as studied during this seven lesson course online.
Cursando inglês

  • GAME 1: Show that you have learned: Write the name of the days of the week in English and in complete sequence weekday missing.
Cursando Inglês

  • GAME 2: Drag the mouse with the English words to their meanings in Portuguese.

  • GAME 3: click and drag each word to the correct group.

  • GAME 4: word search on the weekdays, months and seasons, kinships and cardinal numbers.
Atividades Educativas

  • GAME 5: Know the days of the week and months of the year and then test your knowledge.
Discovery Kids

  • GAME 6:  Drag the months on left to the correct numbers on the right, then press the "Check my answer" button to check your answer when all months are completed.
Atividades Educativas

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